Jaguar Land Rover confirm exhibiting attendance at The Apprentice Engineer Show 2018

The Apprentice Engineer Show is pleased to confirm Jaguar Land Rover will be exhibiting at the event which takes place on 31st October 2018 at The Roundhouse, Derby.

About Jaguar Land Rover –


We have been automotive industry pioneers for more than six decades. Jaguar debuted in 1935. Land Rover made its celebrated entrance in 1948.

From then until now, we have been at the forefront of technical innovation in all areas of vehicle development. Through our revolutionary technologies, performance and craftsmanship, we have pushed the boundaries of what the industry considers possible over and over again. Our efforts have led to some of the most iconic nameplates ever to grace the road.

With an ever-evolving history and exhilarating future, this is the place to drive your pursuit for success. This is where you’ll push the boundaries of your potential.

This is where you’ll put excellence in motion.