Level thresholds, lift access to all rooms and floors, and a colour and signage scheme that provides easy navigation for the partially and non-sighted have all been incorporated into the renovation of The Roundhouse.

The Roundhouse campus includes the following features which make it a unique and friendly event space, accessible for all.

  • Pedestrian access routes at each corner, minimising travel distances
  • A public footpath and cycleway linking Roundhouse Road to Pride Parkway has been built, improving sustainable and accessible travel links
  • Raised lawns are wheel chair accessible to ensure everyone can access the landscaped areas
  • Disabled parking spaces are located suitably close to their respective entrances
  • A compound for guide dogs is available which provides for exercise, feeding, drink and latrine requirements
  • Raised kerbs at the bus stops to reduce the step up or down onto buses
  • Textured pavements